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30 12 2017· Also music from Les Hayden Not Really I can no longer find it NOTE When I mention the singling out the first White man to see Michigan copper What it should have maybe been was the first

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Copper was probably the first metal used by ancient cultures and the oldest artefacts made with it date to the Neolithic period The shiny red-brown metal was used for jewellery tools sculpture bells vessels lamps amulets and death masks amongst other things masks amongst other things

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A Marquette tour guide tells us about copper mining in the Upper Peninsula — which dates back 7 000 years at the of the remains of ancient mines in the copper region is that by Mr S O

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Enter the Adventure Mine by the No 2 adit and experience the miner s life underground Walk through tunnels and see large rooms where pure copper and silver was removed View copper still in place within the rock walls of the mine Participants are provided with

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Copper mining in Michigan became an important industry in the 19th and early 20th centuries Its rise marked the start of copper mining as a major industry in the United States Within the state of Michigan copper is found almost exclusively in the western portion of the Upper Peninsula in an area known as the Copper Country

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Douglass Houghton state geologist of Michigan publishes a report on the geology of the Upper Peninsula and describes the Keweenaw s copper deposits Despite his appeal for caution a land rush would soon start as investors miners and entrepreneurs

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Copper was first mined in this area by an ancient vanished race between 5 000 and 1 200 bc These miners left no burial grounds dwellings pottery clay tablets or cave drawings What was left behind was thousands of copper producing pits and more thousands of crude hammering stones with which the pits had been worked

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Admittedly many copper artifacts have been dug up from North American mounds but only a tiny fraction of the metal the Michigan mines must have yielded Curiously North American Indian mounds have contained copper sheets made in the shape of an

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Copper s a VERY abundant mineral There s copper mines and ores and deposits all over the world Unless Atlantis happened to be in the middle of Lake Michigan I m sure that wherever the mythical place was it was a lot closer to REAL copper mines

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Return to Doug s archaeology site The State of Our Knowledge About Ancient Copper Mining in Michigan The Michigan Archaeologist 41 2-3 119-138 Susan R Martin 1995 ABSTRACT Popular literature contributes to the persistence of fantasy and mythology

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Former state archaeologist and UMMAA author John R Halsey will give a presentation on Michigan s prehistoric copper mines on Saturday November 10 at the Library of Michigan in Lansing The Museum published Halsey s book Prehistoric Copper Mining in Michigan The Nineteenth-Century Discovery of Ancient Diggings in the Keweenaw Peninsula and Isle Royale in May

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Rock Lake Located in Lake Mills Wisconsin has a pyramid resting beneath its waters This pyramid is linked to the people that were mining the copper in upper Michigan - thus linked to the King Solomon Mines and or Temple The legends of these stone tepees

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Europe s economy between 2000 and 1000 BC stood and fell with copper used for the creation of bronze At the same time large quantities of copper were mined in America though no-one seems to know who was using it A question of a world economy and

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11 8 2018· American History classes generally mention NOTHING about the ancient copper mines in Michigan s Upper Peninsula where an estimated 500 000 000 pounds of copper was mined from 5 000 to 1 200 B C Interestingly the mines were briefly reactivated on a

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Copper Mines in Ancient North America January 10 2013 Kyle 10 Comments Filed Under Blog Map of Isle Royale January 9 th 2013 by Kyle Philson We were taught in elementary school that Christopher Columbus discovered America in 1492

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1 8 2013· One was a metallurgical inexplicable U S archaeologists have found 5 000 open copper mines almost entirely pure on the shores of Lake Superior Michigan between the U S and Canada where there have been exported some 500 000 tonnes between 2470

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Here the link is made between the ancient copper mines on Isle Royal Michigan carbon-dated to 1800-1000 B C and the Greek and Egyptians extensive use of copper in the same time period Both Greek and Egyptian records spoke of an alien people who were thought to be closely connected with the import of copper

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The Michigan Copper mines There are ancient prehistoric copper mines along Lake Superior and metallic copper was still found there near the surface in colonial times 2 Indians availed themselves of this copper starting c 5 000 B C 11 and copper tools arrowheads and other artefacts that were part of an extensive native trade network have been discovered

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Isle Royale ˈ r ɔɪ əl ROY-əl is an island of the Great Lakes located in the northwest of Lake Superior in Laurentia It is part of the U S state of Michigan The island and the 450 surrounding smaller islands and waters make up Isle Royale National Park Isle

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The Copper Range Company was a major copper mining company in the Copper Country of Michigan It began as a holding company specializing in shares in the copper mines south of Houghton Michigan and was dissolved in 1915 with all assets transferred

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Begin your drive through Copper Country in Houghton County a gorgeous area with stunning Baroque Revival architecture including the Houghton County Courthouse Then head to the Quincy Mine Properties tours where you can take a guided tour of their extensive copper mines which were in use from 1846 until 1945

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The Great Orme Ancient Copper Mines on the Creuddyn Peninsula dates back to the Bronze Age The mines were originally dug out over 3 500 years ago by miners using nothing more than stone and bone tools There are over 3-1 2 miles of tunnels on the

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On a fall drive through the Upper Peninsula the copper boom still echoes throughout the tours scenic routes and historic sites Grab a hard hat a heavy coat and sturdy shoes For the next hour or so you re a copper miner in the Upper Peninsula following in the footsteps of those who toiled here long ago

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13 4 2017· 2016 - Copper Country Ancient Sites Conservancy Conference

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In celebration of Michigan Tech Winter Carnival the Quincy Mine Hoist Association is once again offering special winter tours Explore the Quincy location in winter and learn how the Keweenaw community is a leader in the advancement of geoheritage within the

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Michigan Around 5000 BC time period apparently Natives were mining copper in Michigan according to the popular stories passed about in our history books Yet the remains of ancient giants have been found here and many of the large populations of giants

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The Miners of Michigan Copper It is estimated that half a billion pounds Ref 1 of copper were mined in tens of thousands of pits on Isle Royale and the Keweenaw Peninsula of Michigan by ancient miners over a period of a thousand years Carbon dating of wood

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Mining History Mine Shafts of Michigan Copper Mines These photos from the Michigan Technological University Archives and Copper Country Historical Collections J R VanPelt Library In some cases where noted prints from original negatives that would be

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The Great Ancient Copper Mines of Michigan It is estimated that half a billion pounds Ref 1 of copper were mined in tens of thousands of pits on Isle Royale and the Keweenaw Peninsula of Michigan by ancient miners over a period of a thousand years Carbon

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Miners Left a Pollution Trail in the Great Lakes 6000 Years Ago Scientists find evidence of ancient copper mining in polluted lake sediments from Isle Royale National Park A visitor crouches in

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