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24 5 2016· Book review Musket Ball and Small Shot Identification A Guide by Daniel M Sivilich Oklahoma Press 2016 BUY NOW ON AMAZON The title of this book makes it sound like a highly technical tract interesting only to those doing very sophisticated analysis or

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Daniel M Sivilich s Musket Ball and Small Shot Identification A Guideis the result of twenty-eight years of research and collaboration The Guide is an essential reference for any archaeologist studying eighteenth-century battlefields —Garry Wheeler Stone historian retired for …

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Download 3 030 Musket Stock Photos for FREE or amazingly low rates New users enjoy 60 OFF 120 960 571 stock photos online Old musket On pillow and white background Old musket With inlaid with mother-of-pearl Revolutionary War Reenactor Firing Musket Revolutionary War Reenactor Firing Musket

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There are several reference books focused on Civil War bullet identification but two that are essential are A Handbook of Civil War Bullets Cartridges James E …

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AbeBooks com Musket Ball and Small Shot Identification A Guide 9780806151588 by Sivilich Daniel M and a great selection of similar New Used and Collectible Books available now at great prices Book Description University of Oklahoma Press United States 2016 University of Oklahoma Press United States 2016

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Civil War mini balls for sale - This refers to a specialized bullet that was developed not long before the start of the war Bullets in wood - This is a somewhat unusual find that might command a higher price tag As the name suggests a Civil War bullet in wood

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Z2272 Original Civil War Ammo Crate for 1000 58 Rifled Musket Cartridges Description Here is an excellent dovetailed ammo crate The interior is fairly clean the bottom is clean It retains its original green paint and white letters Both handles are firmly

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Weaponry The Rifle-Musket and the Minié Ball By Allan W Howey By the time the smoke had cleared and the veterans headed back to their homes the American Civil War had exacted a terrible human cost In four long years of bloody fighting half a million of the

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Civil War rifles and Civil War muskets for sale complement our stock of U S military antique long guns Call 877 214-9327 for our complete collection U S Military Antique Long Guns Civil War Rifles Civil War Muskets for Sale We have highly collectable Civil

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New Arrival • Musket Ball and Small Shot Identification A Guide by Daniel M Sivilich Univ of Okla Pr 2016 In recent decades conflict archaeology has made great strides in technique technology and interpretation and the practitioner s ability to analyze small arms ammunition is an important part of understanding what happened at any gunpowder-era battlefield

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10 4 2012· Bullet identification help Small Arms Edged Weapons 11 Apr 6 2019 Bullets Identification Advice Small Arms Edged Weapons 4 Jan 14 2019 T Greene Carbine bullet identification Small Arms Edged Weapons 13 Mar 12 2017 Civil war bullet 0

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During the American Civil War an assortment of small arms found their way onto the battlefield Though the muzzle-loading percussion cap rifle was the most numerous weapon being standard issue for the Union and Confederate armies many other firearms ranging from the single-shot breech-loading Sharps and Burnside rifles to the Spencer and the Henry rifles two of the world s first repeating

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Musket balls are one of the earliest forms of projectiles that were fired from muskets and rifles Look for evidence of a mold seam Because of the crudeness of some 18th-century molds the seam of an authentic musket ball may be slightly offset like the one in

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19 9 2013· I measured the ball using a digital caliper and it was 65 in I am not expecting to find anything special I was just trying to identify this round the best that I could The more I research the more I believe that this is not a civil war musket ball But I thought you folks

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This Civil War Bullet Identification Chart can help you identify some of those minie and round balls that you find while out metal detecting I ve only been lucky enough to find one of each near a creek I believe the one that I found is a 69 caliber They are always a

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Musket Ball and Small Shot Identification A Guide Daniel M Sivilich Douglas D Scott David Gerald Orr Henry M Miller Ph D on Amazon com FREE shipping on qualifying offers In the past an excavated musket ball might simply have been

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Many musketballs are not actually from muskets at all The musket was in fact just one of a range of guns that fired a lead bullet Different firearms used bullets of different sizes and weight and often different types of gun were carried by different troop types

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It is estimated that 65 of the American Civil War was fought in Virginia A great souvenir for anyone looking for a meaningful representation of the Civil War The selection includes one US Three ring 58 caliber one Musket ball 69 caliber used by both sides and

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1861 P -1865 Indian Head Civil war era Musket Ball and Uniform Button Comes In Gift Bag Artifacts Cent AG-G 5 0 out of 5 stars 1 $36 25 $ 36 25 Get it as soon as Thu Sep 19 FREE Shipping by Amazon Only 5 left in stock - order soon Musket Ball and by

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Great bargains on Civil War musket balls Civil War Relic 58 Musket Ball Wiper Details Buy Now for $24 99 Buy $24 99 Ships Free $24 99 7 days 19 hrs 15 mins Item Condition Item Location Shepherdstown WV USA ZIP 254

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11 2 2018· ENGLISH CIVIL WAR MUSKET BALLS metal detecting uk Join me on the first hole First coin of 2018 metal detecting uk relics and interesting musket ball and animal tag👍🏻 shoutout to the 4king

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Musket balls are manufactured by pouring molten lead or another alloy into a two part single or a multiple cavity mould The casting sprue is cut close to the ball and any flashing around the mold seam is removed Mold seam - a thin line

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28 9 2019· Minie ball came in use before US civil war and continued to be in use after US civil war So you can say you dug an US civil war era bullet As with musket ball it …

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This Civil War Bullet Identification Chart can help you identify some of those minie and round balls that you find while out metal detecting I ve only been lucky enough to find one of… Cool Union Confederate soldier poster - Visit to grab an amazing super hero shirt

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The American Civil War fought between the Union and Confederate forces took place from 1861 to 1865 During the war a variety of weapons were used on both sides These weapons include edged weapons such as knives swords and bayonets firearms such as rifled-muskets breech loaders and repeating weapons various field guns such as

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Archaeologists and artefact enthusiasts have discovered musket balls on Revolutionary War battlefields from New England to South Carolina These balls which were made from molten lead and other alloys like pewter are analysed for weight diameter and surface

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5 9 2013· The English Civil War witnessed the transition from the matchlock musket to the firelock musket and although both weapons were slow and unreliable the latter was safer and easier to prime because it eliminated the need for a lighted matchcord to ignite the

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17 6 2013· I know from doing a archaeological dig on a civil war site that the old matchlock muskets where not all the same calibre unlike today s standard sized bullits So a gun made in say London would be a different calibre to one made in York This ment the troops used to

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3 7 2017· Students from the College of Charleston s Archeological Field School discovers an Revolutionary War relic during excavations in the back lot of the historic Aiken Rhett Housein

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29 5 2012· Sorry for bringing up a dead thread but I have found some balls that appear to be exactly the same I hope to be able to find out when and why soon I found 5 of them along with some assorted fishing weights spent lead and brass The area I found them in is known

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