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The Mining Cave is an expansion purchasable for the Secret Base You are able to click on any wall except that of the entrance to start digging It gives you access to a minigame in which you can collect various different items by digging into the wall You have a limited amount of clicks before the wall collapses You can mine for items as much as you like making this a good way to get

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The Pokemon Aerodactyl can be obtained from the Old Amber You can find the Old Amber from the Underground You don t get Deoxys from anyone in the mining museum You have to …

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This is a list of all Pokémon fossils This generation of Pokémon is unique in that to revive one the player needs to gather a set of Pokémon fossils The Fossilized Fish and Bird are heads while the Fossilized Drake and Dino are tails The combinations get the

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You can get fossils by digging Underground but all of them are very rare You can restore them by talking to the scientist behind the front desk in the Oreburgh Mining Museum He will say he can turn your fossil into a Pokemon and he needs time alone Leave

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In Pokemon Diamond you can only get Diagla and Cranidos Diagla you get at the Spear Pillar - goes with the story timeline If you go onto find Diamond then click the button that

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This is part of the Pokémon Diamond Pearl Walkthrough with the following locations Oreburgh City Floaroma Town Oreburgh Gate Oreburgh Mine Ravaged Path Route 203 and Route 204 Click here for Part 1 Click here for Part 3 Contents show Route 203

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1 7 2009· i have tried it on pokemon platinum but it doesent work i pressed l r and l r up like a bajilion times i also checked if i entered the code correctly how do you get the guy to give me the pokemon first you have to go underground second u have to find a fossil and

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Starter Pokemon Mining Early Bird Databases Pokémon Rattata Pidgey Goldeen Poliwag Magikarp Spearow Tentacool Locations Route 1 Viridian City Route 22 Route 2 Viridian Forest Route 3 Route 4 Items Halloween Blessing HM

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16 6 2009· I need the action replay code to get all the legandarie pokemon first person to give me the right code will get best answer Enter this code to get any Pokemon from the mining museum press L R when you got em they are at level 20 94000130 fcff0000 B21c4d28

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16 11 2018· Pokémon Let s Go Pikachu and Pokémon Let s Go Eevee are available now Seeing as its makers intended it to be accessible to everyone we figured this …

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The Rock Smash vendor Miner Daen is located in the house between the Pokemon Center and the Pokémart He will sell TM114 for the price of 5 000 Fossil revival The Sinnoh Expert is located inside the Museum the large building north of the Pokemon

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How do you revive fossils into pokemon Pokemon Diamond Questions and answers Nintendo DS Finally a DIFFERENT question that has nothing to do with cheating Go to the Oreburgh Mining Museum and talk to the guy behind the counter

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Pewter City is in Kanto where it lies between Route 2 and Route 3 The most prominent place of interest here is the Pewter Gym led by the Rock-type specialist Brock This is the first gym that a player has to face in order to continue their journey and unlock more

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just use an action replay code search it online you can get any Pokemon you want one the code is entered and activated the guy in the mining museum will give u the Pokemon at lvl 20 i think its

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In the Pokémon Adventures manga In Double Trouble with Dialga and Palkia I it was revealed that Byron and the Underground Man used the Explorer Kit to dig underground tunnels underneath Mt Coronet allowing the Sinnoh Gym Leaders to catch the Team Galactic Commanders at …

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Where is Pewter Museum in Pokemon Heartgold In heartgold how do I get to pewter city How do you get Typhlosion to learn Extrasensory How can I get Typhlosion to learn hidden power Grass which tree do you headbutt in Pewter city to get a Starly

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Oreburgh City is a location in the Sinnoh which is known as the City of Energy Buildings here include Pokémon Center Poké Mart the Gym Leader Roark Oreburgh Mining Museum and Oreburgh Mine At the north is Route 207 but is inaccessible

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Oreburgh Mining Museum is the large building in the northeast corner When you come across some fossils be sure to bring them to the Museum to get new Pokemon The southeastern section of Oreburgh City is a part of the mine There Oreburgh town is

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For Pokemon Platinum Version on the DS a GameFAQs Q A question titled Where do I get fossils converted to Pokemon At the eastern end of Oreburgh City there is a coal museum Once you enter the man on the right side of the counter will take your

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15 7 2009· There is an action replay code to get any pokemon you want in the Oreburgh Mining Museum in Pokemon Pearl I entered the code correctly yet the man says not yet Does anyone have a logical reason as to why this happened yes I entered the part of the

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-Mining is one of the two currently available Trainer Skills which given some patience and time will make you a lot of money -To begin your Mining go to F1 Mt Moon and meet the Mining Guru to purchase an Old Pickaxe for 5000$ With this pickaxe you can

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18 5 2008· i have the action replay code that gets you any pokemon you want from the mining museum the thing is i don t have the list of pokemon and the three digit codes next to them u need to get that spacific pokemon so does anyone know a site or has the list of all the

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4 8 2008· This was no cheat after you ve beat the elite 4 go into the Mueseum and talk to the man he says you took to long and then he gives you a Mew

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charizard at mining museum press l r Pokemon Diamond Nintendo DS Web Media Network Limited 1999 - 2020 This site is not affiliated in any way with Microsoft Sony Sega Nintendo or …

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13 11 2008· I tried using the AR code for getting any Pokemon in the Mining Museum in Pokemon Diamond but I can t get it I hold L R while talking to the guy but he says not yet every time I speak to him This is the code I have 94000130 FCFF0000 B21C4D28 00000000

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Print this andieh3126 posted Jul 10th 2007 ID 719 Wild Pokemon encounter modifier How to use press l r and go into your bag there will be 439 master balls not in ball poket the find the number of the pokemon you want in the pokedex e g mewtwo=150 then discard the masterballs until you have 150 then hold l and get into a wild pokemon battle it will be the pokemon you chose in this case

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The code for getting Pokemon in the Mining Museum doesn t work for me The guy keeps saying not yet Answer Wiki User September 13 2011 2 54PM Idk you probabley didn t dosomething right so it

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In Pokemon Diamond you can only get Diagla and Cranidos Diagla you get at the Spear Pillar - goes with the story timeline If you go onto find Diamond then click the button that

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