The rotation of liquid helium II I Experiments on the …

Physica VIII no 7 Juli 1941 PROPERTIES OF LIQUID HELIUM II by A BIJL J DE BOER and A MICHELS 71th publication of the Van tier Waals Fund Van der Waals-laboratorium Gemeente-Universiteit Amsterdam Summary The theory of the degeneration

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THEORY 0o LIQUID ELIUM 1 Introduction Several years ago F London gave some evidence to support the idea that the peculiar phase transition of liquid helium at 2 19 h-point might be re-garded as due to the condensation mechanism characteristic

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Liquid Helium Kamerlingh Onnes worked for many years to liquify the element which persisted as a gas to the lowest temperature Using liquid air to produce liquid hydrogen and then the hydrogen to jacket the liquification apparatus he produced about 60 cubic

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Experiment zur Demonstration der Eigenschaften von Helium II und Helium I Versuchseinrichtung Isoliergefäß Verhalten am 2-Punkt 2 17 K Wärmeleitfähigkeit und Viskosität normale und superflüssige Komponente des Helium II innere Reibung und

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Vinen W F 1958 Physica XXIV Kamerlingh Onnes Conference Leiden S 13-17 VORTEX LINES IN LIQUID HELIUM II by W F VINEN The Royal Society Mond Laboratory University of Cambridge Englantl 1 Theoretical discussion It is now fairly well established


helium II reached by gradually lowering the pressure down to below 5 kPa along the saturation l ine and pressurized helium II obtained by sub- cooling liquid helium at any pressure above saturation and in particular at atmospheric pressure about 100 kPa

Thermomechanical Effect in Liquid Helium II Nature

Helium is a highly specialized product It s chemically inert and non-flammable with high thermal conductivity low molecular weight and size and the lowest boiling point known At Praxair we deliver gas and liquid helium He in a variety of purities up to 99 999

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11 9 2014· For helium 4 crogenicists distinguish two liquid forms helium I and helium II Helium I is the warmer form helium II is the colder The transition temperature called the lambda point is 2 17 K It varies slightly with pressure Helium I the warm form acts

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The SPL model is particularly relevant to liquid helium II and nanofluids with high nanoparticle concentration Linear stability analysis is employed to obtain the critical state parameters such as critical Rayleigh Grashof numbers In both cases as the fluid

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Exact non-linear equations of motion for reversible processes in the two-fluid model of liquid He II are obtained from a variational principle of the type first introduced by Eckart in a different connection Transitions between the two fluids are taken into account Except

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A SURVEY of the various properties of liquid helium II has prompted us to investigate its viscosity more carefully One of us 1 had previously deduced an upper limit of 10 -5 C G S units for the viscosity of helium II by measuring the


An experimental investigation of the propagation of second sound in uniformly rotating resonators filled with liquid helium II has been made It is found that in the uniformly rotating liquid the velocity of the second sound is not changed by more than 0·1 but there is

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1 1 1938· A SURVEY of the various properties of liquid helium II has prompted us to investigate its viscosity more carefully One of us1 had previously deduced an upper limit of 10−5 C G S

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Helium II This article written by Dr John Weisend was originally published in the Spring 2010 issue of Cold Facts as part of his series Defining Cryogenics Helium II He II refers to the second liquid phase of the most abundant helium isotope 4He Helium II is

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Abstract A lattice model is proposed in order to explain the peculiar properties of liquid helium II In the present model liquid is regarded as a lattice composed of atoms and holes Each atom can migrate by exchanging its position with an adjacent hole if the latter

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A Site on the Two Fluid Model of Superfluid Helium He II Superfluidity HOW TO USE THIS WEB SITE This web site is divided into 21 main sites as represented by the twenty one yellow buttons on the top of each page The user can surf from one main site to another using these bottons to …

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30 4 2009· A 1963 film by Alfred Leitner demonstrating the remarkable properties of liquid helium when cooled below the lambda point the superfluid state The superfluid has zero entropy

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In helium PropertiesThis liquid form is called helium II to distinguish it from normal liquid helium I Helium II exhibits the property called superfluidity its viscosity or resistance to flow is so low that it has not been measured This liquid spreads in a thin film over the

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The rotation of liquid helium ii I Experiments on the propagation of second sound in uniformly rotating helium ii BY H E HALL AND W F VINEN The Royal Society Mond Laboratory University of Cambridge Communicated by D Shoenberg F R S -Received 18

Lattice Model of Liquid Helium II Progress of Theoretical …

7 2 2020· Measurements have been made of the thermal boundary resistance between liquid helium II and copper lead and quartz also between copper and liquid helium II at different densities It is found that the dependence of the heat flow on the density of the helium is markedly different from that

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Liquid helium-4 and the rare helium-3 are not completely miscible Below 0 9 kelvin at their saturated vapor pressure a mixture of the two isotopes undergoes a phase separation into a normal fluid mostly helium-3 that floats on a denser superfluid consisting

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Abstract The partition function of the lattice model of liquid helium introduced in the preceding paper is calculated by making use of the Kikuchi s approximation Setting two parameters the effective mass m = 1 7m 0 m 0 is the mass of He atom and the lattice spacing d = 3 1Å an excellent agreement of the density dependence of λ-temperature with experiment is obtained

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31 3 2010· A physics demonstration by Alfred Leitner 1963 Did you know An eye-catching video preview image or thumbnail is vital for getting folks interested in your video Pick the perfect one with our thumbnail chooser

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Flow and stability of helium II between concentric cylinders - Volume 186 - Russell J Donnelly Michelle M Lamar We discuss our present knowledge of the flow and stability of helium II between concentric cylinders The flow problem for helium II leads us to

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10 2 2010· Demonstrations of the properties of Liquid Helium In this segment we show the equipment which we use

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As a result of this creeping behavior and helium II s ability to leak rapidly through tiny openings it is very difficult to confine liquid helium Unless the container is carefully constructed the helium II will creep along the surfaces and through valves until it reaches

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24 2 1945· In a previous communication3 I have given a theory of the surface-flow of liquid helium II in the form of thin mobile films and my purpose now is to discuss the thermomechanical effect in helium

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ALL ABOUT HELIUM-I HELIUM-II Helium was the last gas to be liquefied on account of having lowest critical temperature -268 C of all known gases It is a colorless transparent very voltaile liquid and has the lowest boiling point at 4 2K at a pressure of

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1 Characterisation of superfluid vortices in helium II Gregory P Bewley1 2 Daniel P Lathrop1 Katepalli R Sreenivasan3 1 1Department of Physics Institute for Research in Electronics and Applied Physics Institute for Physical Sciences and Technology

The Rotation of Liquid Helium II I Experiments on the …

Download Citation The Rotation of Liquid Helium II An experiment is described in which the free surface of rotating liquid helium II is studied It is shown that the results which

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