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Sulfur trioxide made by catalysis from sulfur dioxide and sulfuric acid are similarly highly acidic and corrosive in the presence of water Sulfuric acid is a strong dehydrating agent that can strip available water molecules and water components from sugar and

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10 8 2017· In this video I demo what happens to a piece of scrap ABS plastic and a piece of wood when exposed to concentrated sulfuric acid over the period of several hours ---- …

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Sodium hydroxide NaOH is a base so when it reacts with sulfuric acid H2SO4 what we ll see is what is called an acid-base reaction When an acid reacts with a base the products are a salt

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1 CaCO3 s H2SO4 l → H2CO3 aq CaSO4 s 2 H2CO3 aq → H2O l CO2 g So… CaCO3 s H2SO4 l → H2O l CO2 g CaSO4 s So when calcium

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If you ve ever mixed vinegar which contains acetic acid and sodium bicarbonate which is a base you ve seen an acid-base or neutralization reaction before Just like the vinegar and the baking soda when sulfuric acid is mixed with a base the two will neutralize

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The sulfuric acid removes water from the sugar in a highly exothermic reaction releasing heat steam and sulfur oxide fumes Aside from the sulfurous odor the reaction smells a lot like caramel The white sugar turns into a black carbonized tube that pushes itself

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2 A reaction between sulfuric acid and sodium hydroxide is of an acid-base type or is also known as a neutralization reaction In this process both compounds undergo a reaction to neutralize the acid and base properties The products of this process are salt

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Ammonia = NH3 liquid ammonia but rare Concentrated Amonia Solution NH4OH Sulfuric acid = H2SO4 For the manufacture of urea ammonia is reacted with carbondioxide

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with dilute sulfuric acid and dilute hydrochloric acid It is dangerous to put these metals into an acid The reaction is similar to the reaction with water forming the metal salt either sulfate or chloride plus H 2 g For example sodium hydrochloric acid sodium

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In this experiment an insoluble metal oxide is reacted with a dilute acid to form a soluble salt Copper II oxide a black solid and colourless dilute sulfuric acid react to produce copper II sulfate giving a characteristic blue colour to the solution From this solution

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Sulfuric acid reacted with the cyclohexene because they are unsaturated forming alkyl hydrogen sulfate The π-electrons of alkenes are very reactive toward sulfuric acid and other sources of H The π-electrons attack the H to form a carbocation which reacts with the bisulfate anion

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13 9 2011· If 8 52g each of zinc potassium dichromate and sulfuric acid are reacted by the reaction 4Zn K2Cr2O7 7H2SO4 → 4ZnSO4 2CrSO4 K2SO4 7H2O how many grams of zinc will be left unreacted I got stuck on this one

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Sulfuric acid is a very strong mineral acid Its chemical composition is H2SO4 Its principle use is in car batteries followed by fertilizers Production One way sulfuric acid is made is with the double contact process The sulfur dioxide and air are mixed and heated to

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10 3 2016· This is extremely dangerous reaction of hot Sulphuric acid and highly concentrated sodium hydroxide solution both very corrosive and dangerous Reaction is explosive and both liquids are splashed

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Sulfuric acid and reactions with it Chemical properties of sulfuric acid Share Tweet Send Deposit Photos Sul fu ric acid is one of the strong est diba sic acids which has the for mu la H₂ SO₄ As for its phys i cal prop er ties sul fu ric acid looks like a thick trans par

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It is an acid -base neutralization reaction between a strong acid and a strong base The products will be salt and water The salt formed here is sodium sulphate 2NaOH H2SO4 = Na2SO4 2H2O If there is insufficient amount of NaOH sodium bisul

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Sulfuric acid is a colorless oily liquid It is soluble in water with release of heat It is corrosive to metals and tissue It will char wood and most other organic matter on contact but is unlikely to cause a fire Density 15 lb gal Long term exposure to low

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Stable urea-sulfuric acid reaction products of predetermined composition containing mono- and or diurea sulfates and less than 35 weight percent water are produced from concentrated urea-sulfuric acid reaction product feeds of different compositions by

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Magnesium readily reacts with sulfuric acid and forms hydrogen gas bubbles and aqueous magnesium sulfate after the reactants are consumed The easiest way to see this reaction is to take a test tube of sulfuric acid and drop a small ribbon of magnesium into the


Improved liquid urea-sulfuric acid compositions noncorrosive to stainless steel contain about 5 to about 75 weight percent urea about 5 to about 85 weight percent sulfuric acid 0 to about 75 weight percent water and a corrosion inhibiting amount of a cupric ion

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9 4 2017· Describe how an indicator can be used to show when all the sodium hydroxide has reacted with sulfuric acid Answer Save 1 Answer Relevance hcbiochem Lv 7 3 years ago If your indicator has one color or is colorless in an acidic solution and a different

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28 2 2020· This page looks at the reaction of the carbon-carbon double bond in alkenes such as ethene with concentrated sulphuric acid It includes the conversion of the product into an alcohol All you need to do is to learn the structure of sulphuric acid A hydrogen from the sulphuric acid joins on to one

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This method starts with diluted sulfuric acid which you boil to make concentrated sulfuric acid This is the safest and easiest method of making sulfuric acid at home Battery acid which may be purchased at an automotive supply store is approximately 35

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Describe how an indicator can be used to show when all the sodium hydroxide has reacted with sulfuric acid Chemistry 1 Answer anor277 Jun 2 2018 Well let us look at the performance of phenolphthalein indicator Explanation And I choose this example

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Concentrated sulfuric acid is at least $18 mathrm{M}$ and contains only 2 water by mass In this situation most sulfuric acid molecules do not ionize due to the lack of water The oxidizing power of concentrated $ce{H2SO4 l }$ does not come from $ce

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The electrophilic addition reaction between ethene and sulfuric acid Alkenes react with concentrated sulfuric acid in the cold to produce alkyl hydrogensulphates For example ethene reacts to give ethyl hydrogensulphate ce{CH 2=CH 2 H 2SO 4 rightarrow

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Copper reacted with concentrated sulfuric acid only when heated and precipitation of black deposit was observed The amount of black deposit in the acid and on the surface of copper depended on

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Sulfuric acid H2SO4 or H2O4S CID 1118 - structure chemical names physical and chemical properties classification patents literature biological activities safety hazards toxicity information supplier lists and more WELCOME TO PUBCHEM

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Sulfuric acid alternative spelling sulphuric acid also known as vitriol is a mineral acid composed of the elements sulfur oxygen and hydrogen with molecular formula H2SO4 It is a colorless odorless and viscous liquid that is soluble in water and is synthesized in reactions that are highly exothermic 5 Its corrosiveness can be mainly

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